At ISB, our science is changing the world. We have a responsibility to prepare the world for this change.

A foundational element of ISB is to make quality STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) education a reality for every student regardless of gender, race or socioeconomic status. Our Systems Approach drives us to work with all parts of the education system, including students, teachers, principals and other district leaders. The Logan Center for Education Team, in partnership with STEM professionals, drives students, educators and administrators to deepen their understanding of how to learn, live, work and engage in an increasingly STEM-centric society.

ISB and the ISB Education team are a model for how research institutes can partner with school systems to progress quality education for all students. We know there is no one solution that works for every student, teacher, or school system so we commit to long term partnerships where we all work together to continuously improve the outcomes for all. Every year we partner with new school systems and renew old relationships.   

We provide research-based, reality-driven professional development for over 1000 teachers and 80 district administrators annually, impacting over two-thirds of Washington State students.  Over the past two decades, the team has engaged in many and varied projects that have moved the needle in science education.

We are an expert team that has been working with education systems since before the inception of ISB in 2000.  The core of the team draws its experience from years as pivotal leaders on the inside of a variety of education systems; as teachers, administrators, scientists, curriculum developers, and education researchers. The diversity and depth of our experience is complemented by the scientists and engineers we train and facilitate to work with educators in professional development settings.