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Re-shaping STEM Education Toward Equitable Futures for Washington Students

How can we leverage the current public health crisis to re-shape STEM education toward a more equitable future for Washington students? ISB Education worked with Washington State LASER and Washington STEM to bring together a panel, including ISB Assistant Professor Sean Gibbons, to discuss these issues and more.

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ISB Education Presents at ClimeTime’s Virtual Conference

ISB Education’s Dr. Jen Eklund spoke alongside Dr. Claudia Ludwig & Dr. Anne Thompson at the 2020 ClimeTime Virtual Conference on the topic of their Invisible Forest Curriculum which uses STEAM to investigate the invisible world of phytoplankton. The two-day virtual conference was hosted by OSPI and ClimeTime and was in support of Climate Science Learning.

Washington STEM Summit 2019

ISB Education’s Caroline Kiehle, Jennifer Eklund, Dick Sander and Becky Howsmon spoke on “Strenghtening the ‘S’ in STEM” at Washington STEM’s 2019 Summit. This session will provided a first-hand exploration of a high-quality, equitable high school science experience aligned to the Next Generation Science Standards.

Valerie Logan Luncheon emcee Heather Logan

‘Innovation to Impact:’ 8th Annual Valerie Logan Luncheon Shines Light on ISB Education

The 8th Annual Valerie Logan Luncheon celebrated ISB Education’s mission of engaging entire school systems — from principals and administrators to teachers and students — to ensure all students are STEM literate. Nearly 100 people attended the event at ISB, and generously gave more than $100,000 for ISB Education.